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“Whenever the people are
well-informed, they
can be trusted with
their own government”

          -- Thomas Jefferson

On Being Informed

"Democracy cannot succeed," Franklin Roosevelt reminded us, "unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely."


We at Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective, believe that understanding the past is the best way to evaluate the choices we face as citizens in this democracy.


In that spirit, we are pleased to present a new feature: A Well-Informed People. Explore this site and learn more about the history, mechanics, and vitality of democracy.

The Latest

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How to Vote

All about the different ways to vote

Pandemic Politics

How is COVID 19 shaping the 2020 election? 

Criminal Justice

The historic roots of the current protests

Elections 101

Elections are confusing! Go into your polling place prepared!

COVID testing

Everyone agrees testing is important, but why? Find out!

COVID Economy

Find out who is recovering, who is not, & why. 

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