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"For insight into the complicated and complicating events ... , one needs perspective, not attitudes; context, not anecdotes; analyses, not postures. For any kind of lasting illumination the focus must be on the history routinely ignored or played down or unknown."   — Toni Morrison

A Well-Informed People is a product of Origins: Current Event in Historical Perspective


Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective connects history with today.

Every month since 2007, we’ve provided historical insight on current events that matter to the United States and to the world. The history departments of Ohio State University and Miami University in Oxford produce a main article that appears on the 15th of each month and features an expert who analyzes a pressing issue—whether political, cultural, or social—in a broader, deeper context. Origins’ main articles focus on the long-term trends and patterns, search for the foundations of today’s events, and explore the often complicated nature of a particular current event.

The goal of Origins is to make us all more informed, engaged citizens. As the American philosopher John Dewey wrote, “History which is not brought down close to the actual scene of events leaves a gap.”

A Well-Informed People expands Origins' goal of making the lasting implications of history accessible and understandable to everyone by providing summaries of historical events that impact the issues that are important to the American voter as well as opportunities to dive further. With this information, we hope to ensure an informed electorate who is both capable and prepared to make the important decisions that await them at the ballot box. 


Our Team:

Dr. Nicholas Breyfogle
Dr. Steven Conn
Dr. David Steigerwald

Policy Content Curator:
Sarah Paxton


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Laura Seeger

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The Central Ohio Scholars Strategy Network,
especially Peter Shane, Alison Norris,
and Allison Glasser.

As well as the generous support provided by 
The Ohio Sate University, Miami University,
and The Stanton Foundation.                               




In Memorium

Seth Myers was the driving force behind A Well Informed People from the beginning. We lost Seth in 2019 but we hope the finished site would make him proud. We are forever grateful for his vision and contributions.